Slab Removal Projects

Kenco’s Slab Crab makes quick work of bridge deck removal and demolition of concrete slab projects.

Models are available for 20,000- to 150,000-lb. excavators. The Slab Crab is also available in models to fit backhoes and skid steers. It comes in widths of 24 to 60 in. and processes slabs from 4 to 20 in. thick.

“The Slab Crab is designed to effectively remove concrete with a purpose-built open-sided bucket,” says Tracy Black, Kenco. Slabs slide into the bucket. When it is tilted back, the slabs are held into place for safe movement. A flat-bottom design allows the operator to avoid disturbing the sub-base.

Black notes, “The Slab Crab is ideal for bridge decks. Contractors typically precut their slabs down the beam centers. Once completed, the operator can drive the Slab Crab-equipped excavator over the bridge deck to start the removal process. Using the Slab Crab for bridge deck removal greatly reduces the amount of debris. Due to the design of the bucket, slabs can be stacked or loaded with little effort.”


Many contractors report successful results using the Slab Crab. For instance, Oakgrove Construction Inc. is a general contractor specializing in heavy/highway construction with an emphasis on bridge replacement and reconstruction. Its base of operations includes the eight counties that comprise western New York. “The Slab Crab is safer and much less labor intensive than other methods of removing slabs,” says Bob Spengler. “Debris isn’t much of a factor, because the slabs can be removed intact.”

Perrett Construction, Valentine, NE, also benefits from removing slabs intact. “We use the Slab Crab three to four times a year removing bridge decks,” says Greg Perrett. “Many bridge removals are made over water or wetlands that can’t have concrete dropped in them. We saw the decks and removed the concrete with the Slab Crab Bucket. Most of the time, we are able to give the slabs to a landowner. Previously, we demolished decks with a wrecking ball, cut the rebar with torches, hauled the rebar off to a scrap yard and then had concrete to dispose of. The Slab Crab greatly reduces labor and disposal costs.”

Then there are the time savings. “At times, we use it every day,” says Ernie Troiano Jr., E. Troiano & Sons, Wildwood, NJ. “It works great on sidewalks and driveways. Removing bridge decks is now a one-man job compared to a two- to three-man job.”

G. Marchi & Son, Columbus, OH, cites dependability via a simple design. “Our Slab Crabs are used every day,” says Mark A. Marchi. One reason is their construction. There are no bearings, nuts, bolts, screws or grease fittings – zero maintenance. “After removing over 100,000 sq. ft. of concrete, only the paint is scratched. We use the attachments mainly to remove sidewalk for wheelchair ramp construction.”


Excerpt from: “Lift, Rip and Tear Up the Pavement”

July 15,2011


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Product Review of KL9000

concrete wall on truck bed in snow“We recently purchased a Kenco barrier lifting clamp with 9,000 lb lifting capability. We used to lift these concrete jersey barriers by running steel bars through the center of them and then lifting off those bars with slings. This method was not always ideal. Using this Kenco clamp has made this task more efficient and safer. A really great product for lifting construction items.”

Aaron Childs

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Testing & Certification of Kenco Lifters

Every Kenco lifter is sent through a stringent testing procedure to assure every customer has a safe experience with their product.

Slab Crab Wide Mouth 42″ Bucket

With the Slab Crab’s new design comes the Wide Mouth 42″ bucket.

Kenco’s Biggest & Baddest Multilift to Date – the ML12K14T88

The NEW Multilift with over a 7 ft grip and 6 ton capacity is the baddest attachment yet.

Custom FLA8KU19 Forklift Adapter for Low Entrance

The Kenco Forklift Adapter can be modified with larger lifting capacities and for use in restrictive areas.

Kenco Multilift Attachment for Concrete Walls, Blocks and Slabs

The Multilift can be configured to grab from the outside or from the inside…

Featured Project – D & D Foundations, Inc. and the Multilift

No two residential retaining wall projects are ever the same. Function, strength, and longevity will always be of utmost concern to the contractor. Revisiting the job in the near future to fix a failing wall (especially one they installed) is not a call they hope to get! However, when we talk about residential jobs there is another huge factor that comes into play – the homeowner. Certainly, no homeowner wishes to sit on the back porch drinking a cup of coffee while staring at a boring ole block wall. This wall must not only function well, it must also be aesthetically pleasing.

To solve this problem, many contractors look to limestone block. Its face gives a rough ‘n’ rugged character that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape. All the while these blocks provide a strong and sturdy blockade to the naturally eroding earth on the other side. They are a solution that consistently appeases both the contractor and customer.

That’s brings us to today’s featured project by D & D Foundations, Inc of Houston, Texas. The project is one similar to the above situation – 2100 pound limestone blocks in Texas and a residential retaining wall. Kenco’s fundamental contribution to this job was the Multilift, more specifically – the ML8K10T48V1. The grip range (10-48”) suited these block quite well and allowed for lifting on the wide or narrow side. For this project, the Multilift was placed from the front to back. The lifter’s capacity of 8,000 pounds exceeded what could have been expected from even the largest of the block.  

Kenco Multilift moving limestone block   Kenco Multilift moving limestone block   Kenco Multilift moving limestone block   Kenco Multilift moving limestone block

“Setup was (also) very easy,” Ruben Gonzalez stated, and he is certainly correct. All that is needed is a lift eye, a Rigmax (or similar), and a machine capable of lifting the weight. D & D had previously “tried moving the blocks with other methods with different tractors.” Although these methods were not without success, they do come at the sacrifice of time spent. And as any contractor knows – time lost means money lost. And Ruben would agree. “This Multilift has saved us time and labor expenses. We would be behind schedule without it.”

Thank you Ruben and to D & D Foundations, Inc. for becoming a member of the Kenco Workforce. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Contact/Company Name:

Ruben Gonzalez  |  D & D Foundations, Inc.  |  Houston, TX

Featured Project Detail:

Retaining wall system installation using limestone blocks weighing approximately 2,100 pounds

Equipment Used:

Kenco Multilift: ML8K10T48V1


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It’s Our Privilege – The Multilift and the WWII Memorial

The town of Worcester Massachusetts made many sacrifices during World War 2, as did many others who were alive during this time. Worcester, lovingly referred to as the “Heart of the Commonwealth” sent 24,000 soldiers to the war; many of whom never made it back home. The members of the community that did not leave for war contributed in their own way with 80 percent working in war-related jobs such as preparing and delivering clothing, boots, and artillery. The war affected so many that in 2008, 70 years after the end of the war, the town constructed a WWII monument in honor of all its veterans and war supporters.

Now in 2016, nearly 6 years later, this monument is seeing a major face-lift thanks to the major’s request for its enhancement in a BIG way. Originally, 6 very large and heavy granite piers surrounded a brick patio of sorts. Moving these piers was no easy task. Each required removal and placement to the side at the start of the project. This is where the Kenco Multilift came into play. Its scissor-style grip allowed for the workers to carefully clamp onto each piece. The pads gripped snugly without marring the surface which was of great importance. Each pier was then lifted safely out of the way.

Also needing removal were the granite steps that surrounded the perimeter of the original structure. The versatility of the American-made Kenco Multilift proved its value yet again. With a minor adjustment of the legs on either side of the lifter, the grip range was now suitable for the width of these steps. Each step was picked up using only one machine operator and a worker to help guide them.

As quickly as the monument was de-constructed, it was re-constructed. However, this time it was given some very unique and inspiring additions. For instance, 60 water jets were centrally installed. 2 large jets represented the Atlantic and Pacific, 6 medium jets stood for the six military branches, and the remainder were devoted to Worcester residents who lost their life in the war. Each pier was stamped with the seal of each of the military branches. There was also installation of additional monuments with the names of each and every Worcester veteran’s name.

June 4th, 2016 – the dedication event is in full swing. Veterans from town find their way to this new and improved monument, constructed with love and respect for their sacrifices. The National Anthem is sung by Eric Jaeger and rings in the day’s events. A time capsule becomes a vessel of truth with letters of veterans placed in it, not to be opened and read for another 100 years. Imagine the stories! Some stand, some lean upon their canes, others sit in their wheelchairs as they cast their eyes upon this beauty of a memorial, devoted solely to them. It’s a day to never forget and projects like the never go to wayside for us. It is with great respect, admiration and pride that we continue to serve those that serve us. Thank you for choosing our Multilift to help with your project and Thank You to our veterans for your continued service.

*We realize some of the images do not include the Multilift. Although we hope to show the relevance of our equipment to any project, we felt as though the scope of the project required even more focus than our attempt at a sales pitch. (Non-Multilift) Picture credit: