Custom FLA8KU19 Forklift Attachment

Our team of engineers is often asked to modify an existing product. Many times it involves increasing the lifting capacity of a Pipe Lift or modifying a Barrier Lift for non-standard barrier wall. (This is how both the Texas Low Profile and Florida Low Profile lifters were born.)

Our forklift clamp attachments are not the only products Kenco offers that can be modified. In this particular situation, the customer needed to pick up manholes from inside a warehouse and move them outside. But in order to pick up the manholes, the forks of the machine needed to not reach too high or they would risk hitting the top of the doorway.

The solution? A custom Forklift Attachment with a cleverly placed lift eye. This forklift clamp design saved nearly 20″ of overall height. The customer was then able to use their existing forklift and Kenco’s Multilift with Manhole Leg attachments.

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