Load Testing & Certification of Kenco Lifters – Deemed Essential

The load testing and certification process beginsProof Test Certificate from Kenco with the recording of the date, model and serial number. The load for the test is calculated according to capacity and the lifter is then placed on the test apparatus. The test scale is zeroed for accuracy before proceeding with the test. The predetermined test load is then applied. 

While the test load is sustained, the lifter is visually inspected for any deformation in structural members, completeness of sub assemblies, placement of fasteners or welds, and overall quality of workmanship. Once approved, the lifter receives its Proof Load Test Certificate.

The process of certifying each of our Kenco lifting attachments is an essential practice to assure the absolute safest lifting experience for our customer.

To watch the process in its entirety, visit our YouTube channel.

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