Custom Lifter Moves a Variety of Over-sized Culvert Boxes

The overall design will involve installation of 7,300 linear feet of interconnections to the existing storm water system…

Pete Douglas, Swank Construction, Testimonial

Pete Douglas, General Superintendent for Swank Construction shares how Kenco’s Pipe Clamp and Slab Crab have improved job production and performance.

Pipe Tongs for Grabbing and Installing Pipe In Trench

At first glance, the Kenco Pipe Lift’s construction shows what appears to be a simplistic scissor-style friction lift. But as you delve in further, you can see how it has been meticulously designed with extra consideration given to its performance in real world operations.

Other inferior pipe tong’s narrow profile require locating the exact center to maintain control of the pipe during the lift. However, the Kenco Pipe Lift is built with an extra wide profile which takes 100 percent of the guesswork out of determining the exact center. There are no hydraulics needed as the entire functioning of the pipe lifter is mechanically driven.

The pipe is lifted easily and safely, each and every time. The operator remains in full control of the movement of laying the pipe itself, saving both time and money on the jobsite.

The Kenco Pipe Lift is also completely hands-free. Our internal actuator system allows for each pipe pick to occur one right after another. The initial cycle will grab a single pipe and a second cycle locks the tongs open for a second pick. No additional workers are needed which improves both safety and efficiency.

Each Kenco Pipe Lift model has a range of pipe diameters it can lift. Whether it be removal or installation of ductile iron, steel, pvc or even concrete pipe, we have a lifter for it. We also offer an optional rubber lining (use to help protect the pipe. Our specially designed pipe handling devices have grip ranges from 4” to 48” so there is likely an off-the-shelf model that will work for the job.

Kenco also certifies each and every pipe lift that leaves our facility. See more about that HERE. The safety and efficiency of a Kenco Pipe Lift is miles above any competitor on the market. What else would you expect from a company that has been in the below the hook lifting industry for over 30 years?! Shop now and get one for your jobsite today!


Hooked on the PH9000 Pipe Hook: Atlas Services at the Bailey Mining Site

Atlas using the Pipe Hook

Sometimes we get a little bit lucky here at Kenco and don’t have to drive far for great jobsite footage. This particular jobsite is in our neck of the “west” woods of Pennsylvania at the Bailey mining site, part of the PA mining complex. A quick background on the PA Mining Complex … it is several times larger than the island of Manhattan and the largest producing underground coal mining operation presently in North America with an annual production capacity of 28.5 million tons of coal. (Coal-tastic!)

But this story isn’t about the mines in PA, but rather Atlas Services, who connected with us here at Kenco for a solution to set 8-ft joints of 36” reinforced concrete pipe.

Certainly that’s something we can handle! We were able to not only offer them one but TWO solutions – the PH9000M Mechanical Pipe Hook and the PH9000 Self Leveling Pipe Hook. Both Kenco pipe hooks have a 9,000 pound capacity and can move/set 12” to 48” RCP. There are two distinct differences and often it comes down to the contractor’s preference on which to use.

The Mechanical Version of the Kenco pipe hook allows the user to choose a specific angle the pipe will rest at in order to set it. It uses a slide mechanism that can be moved from one tooth to another to either increase or decrease the angle of the pipe. It is easy to adjust; just relieve the tension on the sling that the hook is attached to and move the excavator arm forward or back to find the wanted position.

The second option and the one that Atlas found to be most fit for their project, was the PH9000 Self Leveling version. This Kenco pipe hook uses a specially-designed, pre-charged cylinder that levels the pipe based on its weight to achieve the proper set position. It requires no adjustments to level the pipe and is as simple as hooking it up to the sling/shackle assembly. As you can see from the video footage and multiple photos we obtained, the hook gave Atlas an upperhand.

They were able to set pipe in much less time that straps would have provided. They also remain safe during the entire procedure, which is something Kenco REALLY likes to see. See it for yourself on YouTube!

Thank you to Atlas Services for sharing your job story with us and welcome to the Kenco Workforce!


Contact/Company Name:

“Bucky” Watters | Atlas Services | Eighty Four, PA

Featured Project Detail:

Setting 36” RCP Pipe at the Bailey Mine Site

Equipment Used:

PH9000 Self Leveling Pipe Hook


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