How to Handle the Labor Shortage

According to the Associated Builders and Contractors organization, there will be a demand of nearly half a million additional construction workers in 2023. With construction projects on the rise, project managers and supervisors are looking for ways how to handle the construction labor shortage and solutions that increase productivity and limit the need for additional workers. The good news is that Kenco has been providing solutions for this situation for over 30 years.

Tools that require no additional hydraulics means any lifting capable machine will work with a simple rigging setup (ex. Rigmax). Our lifting line does not hard connect like a bucket or thumb and that equivalates to very short lead times. We keep a solid supply on hand at with live inventory available at our online store 24/7. If not in stock, we can turnover our standard models in days, not weeks. And if you haven’t heard of us before, check out some of product reviews. Our customers come back again and again once they figure out the amount of savings a single lifter can accomplish.


Check a few of our most popular lifting attachments including the Barrier Lift, Pipe Lift, Pipe Hook and Multilift (shown below). We can move wall, block, slabs, pipe and so much more.

yellow hook for picking up concrete pipe

Set Capstone Blocks Easily

multilift on stack of capstone pieces placing capstone piece on retaining wall with multilift positioning multilift with capstone for placement multilift in foreground of excavator

The Kenco Multilift has a large grip range. Shown here is the ML3K5T32 which can grip from 5″ all the way up to 32″ set at approximately a 30″ width for capstone sections. A completely mechanically driven latch (actuator) located at the center of the lift acts as a lock to either hold the grip surfaces open or release them to perform a lift. Its design lends to simple modifications for increase capacity, grips, height restrictions and more.

The Multilift is not only for capstone blocks. It can be used for retaining wall, steps, slabs, basin and much more. It is OSHA approved, made in the USA, and conforms to the current infrastructure bill of 2023.

Several standard add-ons are already available including serrated rock feet, extended legs, manhole legs, standoffs and more. Visit our online store for a 24/7 price quote and inventory status.

Kenco C Hook Review

c shaped hook for lifting pipeThe Kenco pipe hook has been a game changer! Adapting from a lifting strap,  to the Kenco pipe hook eliminates the hassle and struggles of using lifting straps. Immediately saving time hooking and unhooking pipe, as well as improved touch and feel slamming bell and adjusting grade if necessary!

Nick Leonardo

Rapid City, South Dakota



Nightwork with the Kenco Barrier Lift

The practice of conducting road construction during the night helps prevent worker and commuter accidents.

Testimonial on Mechanical Pipe Hook

Elliptical and round concrete sewer pipe can be unloading, installed and removed with a Kenco Pipe Hook.

National Memorial Cemetery – Phoenix, Arizona

The ML8K10T68 Multilift with standoffs is shown here installing 1,800 lb solid stone Columbarium caps during Phase 3…

Renovation at Governor’s Mansion

A $1.9 million courtyard redesign project is in the final stages at Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Mansion, Harrisburg, PA.

J&N Testimonial of the Kenco Barrier Lift

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KL16K4T12 for T-Wall

T-Wall is a gravity retaining wall system that uses precast concrete units with backfill. Lifting this wall is easy…

Tips and Tricks Using the Kenco Slab Crab

There are a multitude of ways to increase speed and efficiency when using the Slab Crab. These tips come from many, many years of experience.