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Hook Attachments vs. Scissor Lifting Clamps

Without the right lifting tools, completing certain projects can become absolutely impossible. However, there are a slew of options available on the market, and it can be daunting to determine which one is right for your project. To help you pick the right tool to get your next heavy-lifting job done swiftly, efficiently, and safely, this guide will walk you through the differences between hook attachments and scissor-lifting clamps.

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Why You Should Invest in Heavy-Duty Lifting Clamps

We all know the saying—time is money. In the bustling world of construction, this couldn’t be truer. That’s where heavy-duty lifting clamps come in. They’re your right-hand tools on the site.

Whether you’re hoisting granite curbing or maneuvering hefty precast concrete panels, these clamps make tasks smoother, safer, and speedier. The question is, “Why should you invest in heavy-duty lifting clamps, and are they really worth it?” If you’re on the fence about adding this tool to your arsenal, read on. We’ll dive into their benefits.

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Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Lifting Attachments

Picture this: you’re on a tight schedule, the team’s all geared up, but the lifting gear you have is slowing you down. Worse, it could present a safety hazard. That’s a scenario we all want to avoid, right? Read more

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Concrete Pipe Lifting Devices

When it comes to lifting heavy concrete pipes on the construction site, having the right tools in your arsenal is just the beginning. The real trick lies in correctly using those tools to keep the job and your crew safe and efficient.

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Selecting the Right Barrier Lift for Your Project

Reliability, efficiency, and strength are the top-dog qualities for equipment in the construction sector. Selecting the right barrier lift for your construction project is a task in and of itself. You’ve got to sift through the market’s clutter, discerning the tough from the flimsy and the durable from the disposable. Whether you’re maneuvering jersey barriers or aligning giant slabs of concrete, your choice of attachment can make or break your project. Read more

Save Pad Wear on Your Barrier Lift

Concrete barrier walls are often stacked to save space in the yard or on delivery trucks. This poses a precarious situation when a worker is tasked with attaching rigging, unstacking each beginning at the top.  This common practice can be dangerous and is 100 percent avoidable by using the Kenco Barrier lift with Alignment Leg accessory. 

This additional option can come pre-installed or bolted on easily anytime. Its two protruding legs hang below the pad angle on one side of the lifter. Their purpose is to catch the wall and quickly line up the lifter. The Alignment leg does all the work in fixing your stacked concrete walls and blocks.

Other notable benefits include:

  1. Extending the life of the pads on the lifter by more than half.
  2. Speeds up the barrier moving sequence. It increases productivity for both novice and skilled machine operators.
  3. Stowable by flipping them up and locking them into place for safe travel or storage.

If you want to keep your workers safe while improving efficiency and saving costs, choose the Alignment Leg option when ordering your Barrier Lift or let our team retrofit your lifter with one today. Watch the Benefits of the Alignment Leg video for details. 

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Nightwork with the Kenco Barrier Lift

The practice of conducting road construction during the night helps prevent worker and commuter accidents.

Testimonial on Mechanical Pipe Hook

Elliptical and round concrete sewer pipe can be unloading, installed and removed with a Kenco Pipe Hook.

National Memorial Cemetery – Phoenix, Arizona

The ML8K10T68 Multilift with standoffs is shown here installing 1,800 lb solid stone Columbarium caps during Phase 3…

Renovation at Governor’s Mansion

A $1.9 million courtyard redesign project is in the final stages at Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Mansion, Harrisburg, PA.