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Can you use grease on a Kenco lifter? Can an alignment leg be added after you have already purchased your barrier lift? Here you’ll find answers to each of these questions along with many more. And if you don’t find your question, just submit it.


Shopping for replacement pads or an actuator for your Kenco lifter. Maybe you would like to add some certified rigging or Kenco accessories to your current Kenco toolbox. Our online store is available to you 24/7. Welcome!

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Product Resources

Are you looking for a product spec sheet with technical details? This page will provide you with just that. Technical specs and drawings for your lifter can be found here. If you have trouble finding what you need, please give us a call. (800) 653-6069

Operator Manuals

Each Kenco lifter is shipped out with documentation including the certification sheet and instruction manual. If you have misplaced your manual, you’ve come to the right place. Download all Kenco instruction manuals here.

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Request Support

It happens, sometimes your lifter needs a little more than just replacement pads. If this is the case, gather your serial number, past invoice or sales order and submit a request to our team of qualified engineers for assistance.

Customer Testimonials

Curious what our customers have to say about their Kenco attachments? See why so many other project managers, machine operators, construction outfits and contractors alike turn to Kenco for the best attachments on the market.

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Kenco Workzone

Welcome to Kenco’s Blog. This is where you will find up to date details on current projects. We also aim to keep you apprised of new products, accessories and future ventures. If you want to stay In the Know, this is where you’ll want to go.