The Kenco Multilift is a lifting attachment with adjustable legs that automatically grab and release concrete wall, block, and slabs.

Optional legs allow it to lift cylindrical shapes, also. With the flip of a lever, the legs can slide up to 68 inches wide. Once placed at the desired width, the lever is flipped again to lock the legs in place. This single-width setting will work with slabs that may differ up to 5 inches in size. It hooks up with a typical sling and shackle assembly; there is no need to attach additional hydraulics. The Multilift can be configured to grab from the outside or from the inside out for objects such as culvert boxes. The unit is available in a 3,000-pound capacity with a 30-inch grip range, or an 8,000-pound capacity with a grip range up to 68 inches. Larger custom widths can also be fabricated upon request.


April 17, 2017

Construction Equipment: Kenco Multilift Attachment for Concrete Walls, Blocks and Slabs