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The Best Below the Hook Handling Device for Concrete Pipe

A large part of the typical construction site involves installation, removal and replacement of concrete pipes to handle drainage of water, sewer and other utilities. The old-fashioned way of laying concrete pipe involves attaching pipe laying tools such as a sling to the pipe and then maneuvering it into the ditch. Though slinging is cheap […]

Kenco’s Custom Panel Clamp Assists in 19.3 Mil Performing Arts Expansion

Kenco’s Multilift and custom panel clamp are being used to assist with the extensive 19.3 mil expansion of Central High School’s performing arts building in Omaha, Nebraska. Stones are designed to resemble those of the original building which helps maintain its historic roots. Each stone is custom cut using large scale CNC machines. This process […]

Pipe Tongs for Grabbing and Installing Pipe In Trench

At first glance, the Kenco Pipe Lift’s construction shows what appears to be a simplistic scissor-style friction lift. But as you delve in further, you can see how it has been meticulously designed with extra consideration given to its performance in real world operations. Other inferior pipe tong’s narrow profile require locating the exact center to maintain control […]

Kenco Pipe Lifting Clamp

Kenco offers an easy, safe and cost-effective way to move RCP, ductile iron, PVC or steel pipe. The Pipe Lift will grab and release pipe from inside the cab. It will double production of pipe installation versus methods using slings and cables. No additional hydraulics are required to put the Pipe Lift into operation – it hooks up with just […]