Industry-Leading Designs

Over 30 years ago, Kenco revolutionized the underserved industry of below-the-hook heavy lifting in the construction industry with the introduction of the Barrier Lift. Prior to this innovation, precast concrete barrier walls often lacked provisions for handling and placement, leaving crews with limited, time-consuming and often unsafe methods.

The design of the Barrier Lift aimed to address this challenge by providing workers with a tool that not only adhered to familiar rigging practices but also performed the lifting work autonomously, eliminating the need for hydraulics to simplify the process and broaden machine compatibility. While the initial version served its purpose, it became apparent that operators desired more versatility.

Although effective, the process of latching and unlatching still took time. This realization prompted the addition of an automatic latching and unlatching device, transforming the tool into a dream solution for roadway teams, and its popularity soared, becoming a must-have in the industry.

Over the years, the Kenco lifter earned such acclaim that it is often simply referred to as “a Kenco.” The success of the Barrier Wall Lifter paved the way for the development of numerous other gravity operated, automatic-latching designs that addressed similar lifting challenges for various precast structures, including pipes, blocks, and more.

New Practices, New Models

In the construction industry, designs, protocols and procedures are forever changing and we understand that. Our team of engineers doesn’t limit their design prowess to just the standard models Kenco offers. They take new challenges on every day. Whether it be a slight modification of a standard model or a fully new design, they never shy away from new opportunity to improve a heavy lifting task. Over the years, hundreds of designs have left the Kenco facility. Many are for a single use, some more permanent solutions and others are on their way to be the next Barrier Lift.

These are just a snippet of the custom engineering works from Kenco’s engineers. There are many more and even more to come. That’s why we encourage you to bring us your unique lifting challenges.

Send us a quote – give us a call – 800-653-6069 – or prep an email with your job specifics – If there isn’t a solution already, we will work with you to create one.

For a look at additional designs we have produced, please visit our Custom Liters page.