Rigging for Kenco Lifters

In order to assure the best possible experience when using a Kenco lifting attachment, read all instructional rigging guides and adhere to the recommendations provided by the Kenco team. A quick review of these rigging methods for lifting is listed below.

Safety Protocol

  1. Wear appropriate protective clothing and safety related equipment such as glasses, hardhat, protective shoes
  2. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry or hairstyles that could become entangled
  3. Keep hands and feet clear of the Kenco lifter when operation.
  4. Never stand or move under the lifter, with or without a load.
  5. Do not use the lifter for any other use than intended.
  6. Follow all inspection and maintenance criteria as laid out in the manual.

Connecting the Lifter

  1. It is highly recommended to use the approved Kenco Rigmax for connecting the lifter.
  2. Never direct connect the lifter to the machine/bucket lift eye.
  3. All rigging components must have a WLL that is equal to or greater than the combined weight of the intended load plus the lifter’s weight.

General Operation

  1. Never exceed the rated capacity of the lifter. Use as intended.
  2. Avoid jarring, swinging or otherwise unnecessary manipulation of the load.
  3. Avoid handling loads off center.
  4. Never use the lifter to pick multiples of items unless specifically intended and rated for that use.
  5. Do not drag loads.
  6. Do not allow load to contact any surface/object while being handled.


It is important to understand every tool or machine and its operation well before putting it to use. There are hundreds of videos on our YouTube page as well as instructional guides and materials available to the public on our website – Kenco.com. If there is a question regarding proper operation, our team of specialists are always happy to help assist.



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