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J&N Testimonial of the Kenco Barrier Lift

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Florida’s Portable Temporary Low Profile Barrier Lifter

Custom built Florida Low Profile Wall lifter is now a common purchase among Florida residents.

Featured Project – Town of Parker, CO and the Barrier Lift

Today, our featured project takes us to Parker, Colorado, a small “town” located at the southeastern most corner of the Denver Metropolitan Area. The municipality uses barricades mostly for road closures but also for the separation of debris and aggregate piles. In the past, they have used forks which “beat up the barricades.” They also tried straps with a screw-in eye bolt but the “hole would fill with dirt or ice.” More so, Keith states, “(these) methods are not as safe.” And this couldn’t be more true. Safety should always be of utmost concern, especially when moving something of this size.

As promised, their new KL9000 arrived in record time and went immediately to work. And it of course, performed just as they had expected. (In fact, this lifter was a repeat order.) Loading and unloading of the barriers went smoothly which further expedited the process. Keith also made a valid point in stating that “it can be used with minimal manpower.” Smaller municipalities obviously have smaller work forces and this is where the barrier lift can really become a life (and back) saver! Besides, wouldn’t everyone rather stay in the cab on a cold or rainy day?!

Thank you Keith Wittlieff of Parker PW for sharing your story. Welcome to the Kenco Workforce!


Contact/Company Name:

Keith Wittlieff    |   Town of Parker Public Works    |    Parker, CO

Featured Project Detail:

General road closure and debris separation using concrete road barriers. 

Equipment Used:

Kenco Barrier Lift: KL9K6T24V1

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Introducing the Kenco Double Barrier Lift

Now you can lift TWO barrier walls at a time with the Double Barrier Lift!

  • Move barrier wall twice as fast with the new Kenco Double Barrier Lift. This automatic lifter machine can grab two walls at a time, or it can also be used to handle single wall sections.
  • This automatic lifter machine has a fully automatic action to allow hands-free operation. It grips when it is set down, and will not release until the wall has been placed into position.
  • The Double Barrier Lifter is ready for immediate operation on any type or model of machine with lifting capabilities. No need to attach additional hydraulics. It hooks up with a typical sling and shackle assembly (not included).
  • Alignment legs extrude from one side of the lifter so the operator can guide the lifter onto the wall.
  • The pad angles swivel to match the slope of the wall being lifted, and elastomer pads ensure a secure grip, even in wet weather.
  • Grip ranges and capacities are engineered to meet specific requirements.

Kenco furnishes attachments for excavators from mini to 200,000 pounds, wheel loaders from 1 to 40 yards, dozers, and skid steer machines.


Which Kenco Barrier Lift do I Need?

Barrier walls come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. There are many different concrete barrier walls in use today. Some states share the same barrier wall design; other states use several different designs. Choosing the right concrete barrier lifter or jersey barrier picker is not difficult. Here are a few parameters that you need to know before choosing the correct Kenco Barrier Lift:

  1. The weight of the concrete barrier.
  2. The dimension across the top. To get this dimension, extend a straight edge up each side past the top of the wall (this will give the most accurate measurement, as most barrier walls have a small radius on the top corners), then measure across the top to each straight edge. You can use the print that is available from the manufacturer of the precast concrete barrier wall as well.

If there is any doubt to your particular barrier wall, send a copy of the print to sales@kenco.com and we will make the determination for you.

How do I determine the specifications of my current Kenco barrier lifter?

Kenco Barrier Lifters have a Serial Tag with information that includes the serial number, weight capacity and dimensional range. If for some reason the serial tag becomes unreadable, destroyed or is missing, the serial number is also stamped into the lift bail or a crossing member on the top surface of the barrier lifter, which we can use to track needed information. Feel free to call with any questions regarding the use of our barrier lifter.

What other considerations should be taken into account?

Remember, just because the lifter fits over the wall doesn’t mean it will lift the wall safely. It is up to the end user or operator to verify the correct sizing. For instance, if you were to use our old model KL9000 with a 6” to 9” range on a precast concrete barrier wall that weighed 7,200 pounds and correctly measured to 9-1/4”. The lifter may fit over the barrier and have enough capacity, but the problem is that the automatic actuator may not stroke far enough to rotate the correct amount to let it release. The barrier lifter may incorrectly pick up the concrete barrier wall, because the pads will rotate and cam them into the barrier. This will cause damage to the barrier lifter and it could possibly drop the barrier wall, which may seriously injure site personnel. In this case, the old style KL9000 with a 9” to 12” range was recommended.

Since 2014, all standard models of the barrier lift are manufactured with a 6 to 12 inch grip range, wider pads to increase total surface contact, a fuller pad angle rotation to accurately contour to the wall slope, and integrated handles on both sides of the lifter. The older models are now obsolete, though it may take some time, because some companies are still using Kenco jersey barrier pickers that were purchased over twenty years ago.

Setting Barrier Wall along the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Barrier wall is a common sight along the interstate highways, and the job of temporary placement to reroute traffic is a daily routine. In the spring of 2013, Strongstown B & K Enterprises was tasked with placing over 65,000 feet of barrier wall along the Pennsylvania Turnpike to separate the normal traffic flow around a scheduled resurfacing project.

A Hyundai 107 excavator was operated by Larry Prain to lift and position the 12 foot wall sections. Owen Covey assisted with guiding and interlocking the highway barrier walls into place. A Kenco KL30000NG Barrier Lift was used to handle the concrete. With this lifting attachment, each three ton wall could be grabbed right from the bed of the truck, set into position and then released automatically. It only took about 30 seconds for these two workers to complete the cycle. Each truck carried nine barrier walls which were being unloaded and set into place in less than 10 minutes. Prain said, ‘It makes it easy to set barrier.’ Covey went on to say, ‘The larger pads (on the NG series) really grab onto the wall. It saves us a lot of work and lets us get the job done much faster.’

Even at 30 seconds per cycle, that still calculated to more than 40 hours of work. The task required them to position over 5,400 twelve foot wall sections along eight miles of highway between the Blue Mountain and Carlisle exits.

C.H. & D Enterprises Uses Kenco KL-12000NG

CH & D Enterprises of New Stanton, PA was contracted to assist with a major paving project in southwestern PA in 2013. They used a Kenco KL12000NG barrier lifter to set concrete wall along a busy highway to provide a separation for the soon-to-be construction area.

The Kenco barrier lifter allowed the workers to remove the barriers from the bed of the trucks and then to set the wall into position, all without impeding the traffic flow.