Introducing the Kenco Double Barrier Lift

Now you can lift TWO barrier walls at a time with the Double Barrier Lift!

  • Move barrier wall twice as fast with the new Kenco Double Barrier Lift. This automatic lifter machine can grab two walls at a time, or it can also be used to handle single wall sections.
  • This automatic lifter machine has a fully automatic action to allow hands-free operation. It grips when it is set down, and will not release until the wall has been placed into position.
  • The Double Barrier Lifter is ready for immediate operation on any type or model of machine with lifting capabilities. No need to attach additional hydraulics. It hooks up with a typical sling and shackle assembly (not included).
  • Alignment legs extrude from one side of the lifter so the operator can guide the lifter onto the wall.
  • The pad angles swivel to match the slope of the wall being lifted, and elastomer pads ensure a secure grip, even in wet weather.
  • Grip ranges and capacities are engineered to meet specific requirements.

Kenco furnishes attachments for excavators from mini to 200,000 pounds, wheel loaders from 1 to 40 yards, dozers, and skid steer machines.


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