Featured Project – Town of Parker, CO and the Barrier Lift

Today, our featured project takes us to Parker, Colorado, a small “town” located at the southeastern most corner of the Denver Metropolitan Area. The municipality uses barricades mostly for road closures but also for the separation of debris and aggregate piles. In the past, they have used forks which “beat up the barricades.” They also tried straps with a screw-in eye bolt but the “hole would fill with dirt or ice.” More so, Keith states, “(these) methods are not as safe.” And this couldn’t be more true. Safety should always be of utmost concern, especially when moving something of this size.

As promised, their new KL9000 arrived in record time and went immediately to work. And it of course, performed just as they had expected. (In fact, this lifter was a repeat order.) Loading and unloading of the barriers went smoothly which further expedited the process. Keith also made a valid point in stating that “it can be used with minimal manpower.” Smaller municipalities obviously have smaller work forces and this is where the barrier lift can really become a life (and back) saver! Besides, wouldn’t everyone rather stay in the cab on a cold or rainy day?!

Thank you Keith Wittlieff of Parker PW for sharing your story. Welcome to the Kenco Workforce!


Contact/Company Name:

Keith Wittlieff    |   Town of Parker Public Works    |    Parker, CO

Featured Project Detail:

General road closure and debris separation using concrete road barriers. 

Equipment Used:

Kenco Barrier Lift: KL9K6T24V1

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