Unloading Elliptical Pipe with the PH9000 Hook

Reinforced elliptical concrete pipe is used in areas where typical install of standard RCP may not be possible. It has a slightly greater capacity than round pipe and carries approximately 25% more water due to the grater water way area. It is most commonly used in storm water systems. Both the elliptical and round pipe can be unloaded, installed and removed with the same tool – a Kenco Mechanical Pipe Hook. 

It is for 8′ pipe sections weighing up to 9,000 lbs. This style of pipe moving equipment is often referred to as a “C clamp” or “C hook.” The adjustable slide mechanism on the top allows for the operator to change the angle of the pipe as needed.

Thank you to Mark at TLC Hauling for the snippet of video and excellent testimonial.

“This pipe lifter is absolutely amazing!!  It is so much faster than using straps like usual and I also feel so much safer next to the heavy pipes being held in the air with this rather than a small nylon strap that could easily tear and send the pipe crashing into me. I have been in the labor union in NYC local 731 for almost 20 years and this is first company I have worked for that used this lifter. We are doing a drainage job in Oceanside, Long Island.  Thanks for the awesome lifter Kenco, it works great!!”

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