Pennsylvania Governor’s Mansion Remodel

A $1.9 million courtyard redesign project is in the final stages at Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Mansion, Harrisburg, PA. Final Grade Excavation of Dauphin, PA is helping to transform the landscape of the Georgian mansion to ADA compliance and a more welcoming appearance. The cobblestone driveway was removed (to be used on a different state government project) and new curbs were added. To make the cumbersome task of handling the granite curbing easier, Final Grade Excavation utilized a Kenco Curb Lifter.

They stated, ‘Using the Kenco Curb Lifter is making the project of setting granite curbs at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence much more efficient. The lifter is truly a one machine operation, with no assistance needed.’ Work on this mansion’s renovation is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The Kenco Curb Lifter is available in either a 0-12 or 4-16 inch grip range with a capacity of 1500 pounds. It is not only suitable for curbing but also for precast stone, retaining wall block and monuments. Available 24/7 in our online store.

governor mansion renovation