Pipe Lifts

Kenco’s Pipe Lift devices are designed for safe handling of basic drainage systems such as water and sewer. The standard sizes begin at 1500 pound capacity and reach beyond 4.5 ton. Each Kenco Pipe Lifter will fit more than 1 size of pipe, often as many as 3 or 4. The actuator system allows for each pick of the pipe to be completed without the need of a ground assistant.

Rock Lifts

The Kenco Rocklift was recently featured on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush White Water for moving boulders blocking the way in the search for gold. They also provide strong gripping action in a 3 tine designs for moving boulders and debris on land. Watch the Discovery Channel’s episode on the “Graboid.”

Pipe Hooks

Kenco Pipe Hook are often referred to as C-Hooks. Each Pipe Hook device can handles 8 ft section of precast concrete pipe. They eliminate the need to dig a hole under the pipe. Available in both a mechanical or self-leveling version.


The Kenco Multilift was designed for precast concrete slabs and block to make the placement safe and efficient. Each design is versatile with a large grip range.

Bin Block Lifter

Our unique actuators provide the action for our lifting attachments to work without relying on additional hydraulics. The bottom receiver block is included in the purchase. These actuators will work with Kenco KL (Barrier Lift), PL (Pipe Lift) and ML (Multilift) models.

Elastomer pads are always IN STOCK to fit your Kenco KL (Barrier Lift), BLK (Bin Block Lift), PH (Pipe Hook), ML (Multilift), SL (Superlift), and TSL (Monument and Curb Lift) models. Purchase pads based on the actual size of the pads and not model of lifter. Take measurements of length and width if needed.

Line up the Kenco Barrier lifter onto the top of the wall without a ground assistant. As the lifter is lowered, these protruding Alignment legs glide the KL Barrier Lift into position.

The easiest way to hook up rigging from the machine to your Kenco lifter. Purchase includes one endless sling and two shackles.

This simple add-on to your Kenco Pipe Hook allows it to switch from picking up pipe to picking up box culverts. Watch video of how it works.

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