Equipment Used to Lift Pipe

Equipment used to lift pipe

Kenco offers a variety of pipe lifting equipment. Whether its concrete, ductile iron, pvc, corrugated, steel, terracotta or the like, Kenco has you covered. The Pipe Lift’s design allows each model to handle multiple pipe diameters. Not only does it safely lift but the operator can use it to push the pipe together. Since the Pipe Lift is automatic, there is no need to have a laborer in the ditch to disengage the lifter from the pipe once the joint is installed. Now that’s productivity.

Say you have pipe dimensions that fall outside our standard models. No worry, Kenco’s engineering department is second to none and will gladly design the lifter you need. From standard models starting with 4” pipe and the largest to date being a custom model for 142”, the possibilities are endless. Looking for another option to move pipe? How about the Kenco Pipe Hook. This pipe lifting attachment basically looks like an elongated “C” or its sometimes referred to as a hairpin. Regardless of the analogy, the design is simple and very effective. The operator slides the lower section into one end of the pipe and lifts. To make the process easier on the operator, our clever engineering staff has replaceable polyurethane pads on all “Pipe” contact areas. Each model of Pipe Lift has a very generous range. The smallest starting at 10” and the largest exceeding 60000 pounds. Safely increase productivity.

Seriously, what’s not to like here. Well, Kenco also offers a Super Lift, that when equipped with the correct bolt on tine set, can move just about anything. Rocks, logs, brush, barrier, block and you guessed it, Pipe. Each Super Lift model offers 3 pipe tine sets that cover just about anything. If not, let us know what you have, our engineering staff is up to the challenge. When it comes to equipment used to lift pipe, Kenco has you covered.

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