Common Barrier Wall Sizes in all 50 states

Divided highway systems utilize various methods to separate oncoming traffic lanes. The main method used is the placement of concrete barrier between opposing lanes. The individual Departments of Transportation in each state have specific standards for the size of highway barrier wall to be utilized in road construction projects. These protective concrete barrier wall systems are also widely known as jersey wall, jersey barrier, median barrier, medial barrier, or highway dividers. Below is a list of the wall sizes or concrete barrier dimensions normally being used in each state. Wall styles also vary by state.

State Size/weight State Size/weight State Size/weight
Alabama 6” top /9-12K Kentucky 9” top /20K North Dakota 12” top /9K
Alaska 6” top /9K Louisiana 6” top /12K Ohio 6” top /9K
Arizona 6” top /12K Maine 6” top /9K Oklahoma 6” top /12K
Arkansas 6” top /12K Maryland 6” top /9K Oregon 9” top /9-12K
California 6” top /12K Massachusetts 9” top /9-12K Pennsylvania 6” or 9”top /9-12K
Colorado 6” top /9K Michigan 10” top /12K Rhode Island 6” top /9-12K
Connecticut 9” top /9-20K Minnesota 6” top /9K South Carolina 6” top /9K
Delaware 6” top /9K Mississippi 6” top /9-12K South Dakota 6” top /9K
District of Columbia 6” to 12”top /9-12K Missouri 6” top /9-12K Tennessee 6” or 9”top /12K
Florida 6” top /9K Montana 6” top /9K Texas 9” top /20-24K
Georgia 12” top /9K Nebraska 6” top /9K Utah 6” top /12K
Hawaii 9” or 12”top /9K Nevada 9” top /12-15K Vermont 6” top /9K
Idaho 6” top /9K New Hampshire 6” top /9K Virginia 6” OR 9”top /9K
Illinois 6” or 8”top /9K New Jersey 6” top /12K Washington 6” top /9-12K
Indiana 10” top /9K New Mexico 6” top /9K West Virginia 6” top /9K
Iowa 6” top /9K New York 6” top /12K Wisconsin 6” top /9K
Kansas 6” top /9-12K North Carolina 6” top /9K Wyoming 6” top /9K


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