Crazy Horse Memorial meets the Kenco RockLift

Crazy Horse, one of the most notable Native American war leaders in history, could have never imagined how he would someday be memorialized. A man who had been characterized as being shy or aloof now towers over 500 feet above the Black Hills in South Dakota. The Crazy Horse Memorial finished product will surpass Mount Rushmore as having the largest sculpture of the human head measuring a whopping 87 feet tall! It will also be the largest sculpture in the world upon completion but this project hasn’t come without delays.

For years Crazy Horse sat untouched, waiting for funding to finish the project. But with every few steps back, comes several more forward, and once again the mountain is buzzing with excavators and workers. You can imagine the absolute honor and privilege it was when Kenco was contacted for help. They needed a way to move rock atop the mountain from the place it has been cut to a safe location away from the job site, with the safety of their workers being at the utmost concern. Kenco of course, had a solution and within a short time period, our Rocklift was put into action. Images and videos of the site show the nearly completed face of Crazy Horse almost casting a watchful eye as each rock is meticulously chipped away and carried with ease. Workers are safe and the mountain has been awoken once again.

Not every Kenco Rocklift will be as lucky to be a part of such a project, but every Rocklift will perform like the last – safely and consistently. No matter the size of the project, there truly is a lift for it and this project is a true testament to that.

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