When should I have device recertified? Yearly, semi anually?

Your Kenco lifter should be removed from service until re-certification by a qualified in if it does not pass any of the Inspection Criteria in the manual. Examples include visible distortion is any bolt/shaft/pin/member; cracking in any weld/component/member; 20% loss in cross-sectional area from original member in the lift bail; 10% loss in cross-sectional area from the original member in relation to intended holes (such as bolt holes). *typically found near page 8 in the barrier lift manual

You should be performing daily inspections if using daily and prior to starting any new job if the lifter has been sitting. This includes checking pad wear, snugness of bolts, lubrication of actuator (WD-40), free rotation of pad angles. Annually the pivot bolts and washers should be greased, all above inspections in paragraph 1 should be made, remove and clean with lubricating oil (NOT grease) the actuator.

If there are ever any concerns about the lifter you are using, we strongly suggest taking pictures and sending to our sales@kenco.com email address along with any and all details you can provide.

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