Multilift: Lifter will not grip object or lifter slips off of object before lifting.

  1. Check proper tooth engagement. 
    1. Are both sets of teeth fully engaged with spines? 
      1. No
        1. Ensure the handles are in the locked position. 
        2. Ensure feet assemblies are on the correct side of the lifter.
      2. Yes
        1. Adjust foot position closer to object to ensure lifter is not running out of stroke before making contact with object.
        2. Ensure all teeth are in good condition and not sheared/rounded off.
  2. Check condition of pads.
    1. Are the urethane surfaces marred and in poor condition?
      1. Yes
        1. Stop using lifter and order a new set of pads
      2. No
        1. Ensure both contacting surfaces are free from contamination ie. dirt, grease and gravel
  3. Check how the lifter is set on the object being lifted
    1. Are the gripping surfaces able to fully contact each other?
      1. No
        1. Reset lifter onto object above the center of gravity while ensuring the lifter lays flat. 
        2. Add shims under lifter in strategic positions which would result in a secure lift and full pad engagement. 
        3. Call Kenco at 1-800-653-6069 to order optional extended/customized feet and/or bolt-on standoffs.
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