Curb Lifter Compare Models

The Kenco Curb Lifter is an attachment made for maneuvering precast concrete or granite curbing. It is designed to safely lift, move and install pieces up to 1500 pounds.

  • Hooks up with just a sling and shackle assembly such as our RigMAX.
  • works on any machine with proper lifting capabilities.
  • Automatically grips the curb.
  • Won’t release until set down into position.
  • 6″ X 10″ Elastomer pads provide a secure grip.
  • 3 to 12 inch grip range
  • Weight:  115 pounds
  • Capacity: 1500 pounds

Kenco Curb Lifter is perfect for moving granite.

TSL1500 Curb Lift



TSL15C3T12115 pounds
52.163 kg
1500 pounds
680.388 kg
3 – 12 inches
7.62 – 30.48 cm