Curb Lifter Reviews

“We’ve been using the Kenco picker on our job for several days and it has been working great. We’re able to quickly lift and set precast curbs using it. It is much faster, safer and better than using a strap or pins and it allows us to make sure that the curbs are set properly. It’s made this job go much faster.”

“This machine has helped us out over here a lot. Before we had this machine the work we did around there was quite dangerous and very hard, now we can do the work quickly and way more efficiently. This product is astonishing and I would definitely recommend it to others as well.”

“This particular unit has helped our job immensely in the last week. It was a slow start getting our cement curbs laid using pins. As soon as the curb lifter showed up it was easy sailing. Great product. Easy to use.”

We used this lifter to move a piece of black granite with an etching right under the pad and absolutely no problems. This tool makes handling pieces of polished granite a breeze.