Slab Lift Reviews

Bianchi Demolition, LLC was awarded the demolition project of the Onondaga Lake Bridge. The bridge carried traffic and pedestrians and also contained a 36″ forced sewer main which could not be disturbed or vibrated. There were a total of 300 concrete panels, one foot thick, weighing close to 6,000 pounds.

“Upon discussing our material handling needs with Kenco … we opted to go with the slab lift for mainly safety (reasons). Once we received the lift and put it to work, it saved a considerable amount of time and dollars. When using it, we removed the panels without any laborers, just a machine operator and excavator. It took fifteen seconds per panel for removal and placement. This calculated out to be an enormous time saver. It literally cut seven eights of the time out. What was to take six weeks took two and a half days. ”