Designed to lift concrete slabs in a horizontal position, the Slab Lift is built to meet the required specifications for the project. Specifications of the scope of the project and slab dimensions are required for a formal quote. The single piece Slab Lift works by clamping down onto the slab during the lift process.

Dual Slab Lift attachments have been built as solutions for slabs whose integrity is compromised due to a wide span. This style attachment is similar to two Pipe Hooks on a spreader beam to provide extra support. These attachments are also a smart design for large culvert boxes.

Slab Lift

Kenco Slab Lift
Kenco Slab Lift

Teeth grip securely onto the slab during the lift process. Kenco engineers will design this lifter based on the size of the slab and scope of the project. For more details, collect dimensions and send details to sales@kenco.com.

Low Overhead Single Pick Point

The dual pipe hook design is based on the same premise of a Slab Lift except it can be used to pick up oversized culverts. In this specific project the span of the culvert was not sturdy enough to use a single Pipe Hook with wing attachments. Engineering designed the upper apparatus so the hooks could be used in unison or removed and used individually. Read more about this project.

Dual Line Crane

Slab Lifter

The dual Slab Lift is for slabs that are of an large width that make the single Slab Lift unusable. This lifter can be designed to work with a crane to pick slabs from bridges (as shown here). The slabs fit securely and can be set aside for reuse or disposal. For more information about this design, please Request a Quote.