Kenco Self Balancing C Hook

Kenco Self Balancing C HookThe crew and I received the PH9000 Self Balancing Pipe Hook last week and got to test it out today and we couldn’t be happier with your product! Very efficient. We have a 600 ft stretch of 36 in storm pipe we are laying, each stick weighing 4500 lbs. Very easy to attach the Kenco picker once you’re done digging and then swing that sucker in the trench like it’s nothing. No more wasting time trying to find the center of the pipe with a strap, getting your strap stuck under the pipe, having to regrade what you just messed up pulling the stuck strap out or replacing your straps every hundred picks… I think you get the point. It’s simply just a great design to save time, boost productivity, and most importantly pick pipe safely. Thanks guys and girls at Kenco keep up the outstanding work!

Kenco Pipe Hook Self Leveling

Kenco Pipe Hook Self Leveling“We love the attachment. Much easier and safer to use than the old choke cable method. We are currently working in Barnesville, MN laying 12, 18, and 24” concrete storm sewer.”

We installed 84 inch – 25,000 pound elliptical pipe in record time… time improvements of 60% for a hook/set cycle

PH78000 Kenco C Hook

The pipe hook has been working great, definitely has saved install time compared to using straps.

This is in response to a survey sent to us by Kenco with regards to the Pipe Hook currently in use on Bowen Engineerings’ Seymour project. It is our first experience with your products. I am including some photos of the hook in action laying C-76 60 inch RCP. We are pleased with the hook and have seen greatly reduced hook/set cycle times during the laying operation. Safety with the hook compared to traditional methods of C-76 pressure class RCP ( i.e.: chains or steel cables) is much better. This is our first experience using the hook. All that is required to place the pipe in the ditch is to connect a 15 foot rigging to the excavator. Our placement method up to this time has been to use a rigging chain 3/4 inches in diameter and weighing in at about 300 pounds, a difficult method to say the least. Steel chokers are another often-used method. Balancing and removing with these methods are much more time-consuming. Time is money on the site and we have seen time improvements of 60% for a hook/set cycle. I would rate the Kenco Pipe Hook a 10 for setting pressure class RCP. I would not recommend the hook to other contractors because I believe it provides us with a competitive edge.”.

The Pipe Hook has made life alot easier for the employees and the operator…easier and less time-consuming

We used to move pipe with cables and chains until we saw the Pipe Hook advertised in a magazine. Moving pipe with the Pipe Hook has proven to be a much faster process. It’s alot more accurate through the procedure, and most importantly, much safer

We use the Pipe Hook every day to put in storm drainage systems. The Pipe Hook is much easier and less time-consuming than using slings and cables. The Pipe Hook has saved us time and money.

R. Carpenter Construction Inc. of Joppa, MD used Kenco’s self-leveling Pipe Hook for a project consisting of providing all outside utility work and paving for a new Commerce Bank through Custom Commercial. The Pipe Hook proved to be a big time saver for the work required.

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