Patching roadways with the help of a Kenco Slab Crab

Patching Roadways with the Kenco Slab Crab

In a perfect world a roadway would never need repair. It would withstand all elements including mother nature and the wrath of daily vehicular slaughter. However, a short drive down nearly any interstate will prove this is simply not the case. Orange cones and construction sites are a common sight and rightfully so. To put it in perspective, the Pennsylvania Turnpike feels the impact of at least 500,000 vehicles per day. That’s over 3.5 million vehicles per week! With today’s heavier freight loads and the increasing number of drivers on the road, imagine the wear and tear our roadway system sees every year.

With this type of abuse, comes the need for repairs with the safety of all travelers being the utmost concern. A very common practice to fix large cracks, holes, or structurally failing roadways is to patch them. Patching first requires the removal of the concrete surface down to the subbase. The damaged section of concrete will first be saw cut into a manageable size. Then a hammer is often used to break apart these slabs into smaller pieces. After switching out machines or construction attachments, a bucket removes the rubble. This process requires strenuous hours and additional time to repair the disturbed subbase misplaced by the digging action of the bucket.  

So the question is – could there be a concrete removal machine to keep workers safe, cut down time, and keep the subbase intact? There most certainly is! And the great news is you may already have this tool in your toolbox. What is it? The Kenco Slab Crab of course! You didn’t think this excavator attachment was just for bridge deck removal, did you?

When it comes to assisting in concrete removal for patching of roadways, sidewalks, or even pathways, the Kenco Slab Crab shines in its multi-purpose glory. Just like a typical attachment, it is sized specifically for your machine or quick attach system. However, what makes it entirely different is heavy duty ribbing making it far more rugged than any conventional bucket. The elongated base frame reduces the digging effect on the subbase and allows for the slab to be loaded in a single horizontal movement. The sides are cut deep towards the back of the throat assuring the slab’s width will be fully supported in a cantilever fashion. The bucket teeth of the Kenco slab crab can also be used to provide optimal force to pry the slab up and break it loose if need be. And best of all, the slabs can be loaded onto a truck for easy removal. No rubble or broken concrete to  fuss with.

Click photo to see the video of HRI removing the slabs

Click to see video of HRI removing the slabs

For more information on the Kenco Slab Crab, contact our sales department. Toll free 800-653-6069, Option 1. 

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