Set Capstone Blocks Easily

multilift on stack of capstone pieces placing capstone piece on retaining wall with multilift positioning multilift with capstone for placement multilift in foreground of excavator

The Kenco Multilift has a large grip range. Shown here is the ML3K5T32 which can grip from 5″ all the way up to 32″ set at approximately a 30″ width for capstone sections. A completely mechanically driven latch (actuator) located at the center of the lift acts as a lock to either hold the grip surfaces open or release them to perform a lift. Its design lends to simple modifications for increase capacity, grips, height restrictions and more.

The Multilift is not only for capstone blocks. It can be used for retaining wall, steps, slabs, basin and much more. It is OSHA approved, made in the USA, and conforms to the current infrastructure bill of 2023.

Several standard add-ons are already available including serrated rock feet, extended legs, manhole legs, standoffs and more. Visit our online store for a 24/7 price quote and inventory status.

Product Review of KL9000

concrete wall on truck bed in snow“We recently purchased a Kenco barrier lifting clamp with 9,000 lb lifting capability. We used to lift these concrete jersey barriers by running steel bars through the center of them and then lifting off those bars with slings. This method was not always ideal. Using this Kenco clamp has made this task more efficient and safer. A really great product for lifting construction items.”

Aaron Childs

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Kenco C Hook Review

c shaped hook for lifting pipeThe Kenco pipe hook has been a game changer! Adapting from a lifting strap,  to the Kenco pipe hook eliminates the hassle and struggles of using lifting straps. Immediately saving time hooking and unhooking pipe, as well as improved touch and feel slamming bell and adjusting grade if necessary!

Nick Leonardo

Rapid City, South Dakota