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Kenco Pipe Lift

The safest, most cost-effective way to move concrete, metal, ductile iron or plastic pipe.

Fully Automatic Pipe Lift

The easiest and most efficient way to move heavy pipe.

An actuator uses the power of gravity to allow the scissor action of our pipe lifter to clamp securely on PVC, iron, or concrete pipe. If you have ever tried to move pipe using straps or teacups, the Pipe Lift attachment will make a significant impact in overall productivity. The operator is able to use these tongs to grab, lift, and move pipe without assistance.

Double your production output versus the sling and chain methods. The Pipe Lift’s unique, wide scissor-grip design permits a secure lift – even if the pipe has been grasped off its balancing point. This eliminates the requirement to position a sling dead-center. The machine operator simply sets the tongs down onto the pipe and the legs automatically grab on tightly. They won’t release until the pipe has been set back down firmly into position.

Pipe Lift Product

Features of Kenco’s Pipe Lift

  • The heavier the pipe, the tighter and stronger the grip.
  • Narrow profile of the pipe tongs eases removal from tight trenches
  • Unique design allows for lifting a wide range of pipe sizes with each model.
  • No additional hydraulics are required.

Fully Automatic Operation Sequence.

1. Lifter is latched in open position, ready to lower onto load.
2. Operator rests lifter on load, which causes actuator to release.
3. Operator raises hook, causing lifter to grip automatically.
4. Load is moved to destination and lowered. The operator again rests the lifter on the load, which causes the actuator to automatically latch.

“We use the Pipe Lift for every underground job we do. It has increased productivity and safety. We have tried other brands of pipe lift in the past, but yours does not damage the pipe. It gives a much more secure lift. It is an excellent product. We also use the Kenco Barrier Lifts.”
– Waldy Poliem, Westwind Contracting, Inc., Pembroke Park, FL

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