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Actuator Size Comparison

Kenco actuators perform the lift and set sequence and are an integral part of a Kenco lifter.

Save Pad Wear on Your Barrier Lift

Concrete barrier walls are often stacked to save space in the yard or on delivery trucks. This poses a precarious situation when a worker is tasked with attaching rigging, unstacking each beginning at the top.  This common practice can be dangerous and is 100 percent avoidable by using the Kenco Barrier lift with Alignment Leg accessory. 

This additional option can come pre-installed or bolted on easily anytime. Its two protruding legs hang below the pad angle on one side of the lifter. Their purpose is to catch the wall and quickly line up the lifter. The Alignment leg does all the work in fixing your stacked concrete walls and blocks.

Other notable benefits include:

  1. Extending the life of the pads on the lifter by more than half.
  2. Speeds up the barrier moving sequence. It increases productivity for both novice and skilled machine operators.
  3. Stowable by flipping them up and locking them into place for safe travel or storage.

If you want to keep your workers safe while improving efficiency and saving costs, choose the Alignment Leg option when ordering your Barrier Lift or let our team retrofit your lifter with one today. Watch the Benefits of the Alignment Leg video for details. 

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Personal Safety When Using a Kenco Lifter

Kenco lifters are extremely safe to use. Their development and use allows laborers to let the lifter do all the work without manual manipulation. However, with any attachment or tool there are particular safety details to consider. The following are a few equipment handling safety tips that are suitable for all Kenco lifters.

  1. Wear appropriate protective clothing and related safety equipment including glasses, hardhat, gloves, protective shoes, hearing protection, and any other equipment/devices dictated by job conditions.
  2. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, or hairstyles that could become entangled in the Kenco lifter. Note – pinch points are marked on your lifter.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and any other appendages clear of the Kenco lifter while in operation.
  4. Maintain a safe distance from the load. NEVER allow a Kenco lifter to pass over any part of a person.

All details on machine handling safety and proper usage of your Kenco lifter can be found in your manual which accompanies every lifter. If you cannot locate this manual, a copy can be downloaded at When in doubt you can also call Kenco and speak with our team of knowledgeable experts at 800-653-6069.

World of Asphalt 2024

kenco attending world of asphalt banner

Join Kenco as we participate in the 2024 highly anticipated World of Asphalt. We invite you to visit our booth and experience firsthand the cutting-edge innovations and exceptional products we have to offer.

Our team of experts will be on hand to answer all your questions, provide in-depth demonstrations and offer personalized guidance for your next heavy highway or asphalt project. For details on the World of Asphalt 2024 show or to register, visit

Slab Removal Projects

Kenco’s Slab Crab makes quick work of bridge deck removal and demolition of concrete slab projects.

Models are available for 20,000- to 150,000-lb. excavators. The Slab Crab is also available in models to fit backhoes and skid steers. It comes in widths of 24 to 60 in. and processes slabs from 4 to 20 in. thick.

“The Slab Crab is designed to effectively remove concrete with a purpose-built open-sided bucket,” says Tracy Black, Kenco. Slabs slide into the bucket. When it is tilted back, the slabs are held into place for safe movement. A flat-bottom design allows the operator to avoid disturbing the sub-base.

Black notes, “The Slab Crab is ideal for bridge decks. Contractors typically precut their slabs down the beam centers. Once completed, the operator can drive the Slab Crab-equipped excavator over the bridge deck to start the removal process. Using the Slab Crab for bridge deck removal greatly reduces the amount of debris. Due to the design of the bucket, slabs can be stacked or loaded with little effort.”


Many contractors report successful results using the Slab Crab. For instance, Oakgrove Construction Inc. is a general contractor specializing in heavy/highway construction with an emphasis on bridge replacement and reconstruction. Its base of operations includes the eight counties that comprise western New York. “The Slab Crab is safer and much less labor intensive than other methods of removing slabs,” says Bob Spengler. “Debris isn’t much of a factor, because the slabs can be removed intact.”

Perrett Construction, Valentine, NE, also benefits from removing slabs intact. “We use the Slab Crab three to four times a year removing bridge decks,” says Greg Perrett. “Many bridge removals are made over water or wetlands that can’t have concrete dropped in them. We saw the decks and removed the concrete with the Slab Crab Bucket. Most of the time, we are able to give the slabs to a landowner. Previously, we demolished decks with a wrecking ball, cut the rebar with torches, hauled the rebar off to a scrap yard and then had concrete to dispose of. The Slab Crab greatly reduces labor and disposal costs.”

Then there are the time savings. “At times, we use it every day,” says Ernie Troiano Jr., E. Troiano & Sons, Wildwood, NJ. “It works great on sidewalks and driveways. Removing bridge decks is now a one-man job compared to a two- to three-man job.”

G. Marchi & Son, Columbus, OH, cites dependability via a simple design. “Our Slab Crabs are used every day,” says Mark A. Marchi. One reason is their construction. There are no bearings, nuts, bolts, screws or grease fittings – zero maintenance. “After removing over 100,000 sq. ft. of concrete, only the paint is scratched. We use the attachments mainly to remove sidewalk for wheelchair ramp construction.”


Excerpt from: “Lift, Rip and Tear Up the Pavement”

July 15,2011


To receive a custom quote on a Kenco Slab Crab for your machine, fill out our Request Quote form.

Multilift Reclaiming Shoreline

Shoreline erosion is a major concern for many property owners, especially those who live on or near the water. Erosion can cause damage to buildings, structures, and the environment, and it can also pose a safety risk for people who use the area. Fortunately, there are ways to control shoreline erosion, and one effective method is using Kenco lifting attachments.
Water Erosion with Rocklift  


Used when large, irregular shaped boulders are being placed along the shoreline. This is also referred to as rip rap and very common to the Great Lakes. It is available in either a 30″, 45″ or 60″ diameter. We have also customized our Rocklifts for larger diameters and higher capacities. Refer to our engineering department for details.
 concrete blocks being set in water


Commonly used used for placing large precast blocks and repurposed slabs.  Offers a large grip range and rotating pads to handle slope faces. The Multilift is the most versatile lifter Kenco manufacturers. If the standard model doesn’t work for your project it can be modified with new legs, feet and even spines. Available in 30″, 48″, 68″ and 88″ grips.
Shoreline erosion control is a critical issue that requires effective solutions. Kenco lifting attachments are one of the most effective tools for stabilizing and protecting shorelines and an affordable solution for anyone looking to protect their property from the damaging effects of shoreline erosion. Contact our sales team for details at 800-653-6069.

Rigging for Kenco Lifters

In order to assure the best possible experience when using a Kenco lifting attachment, read all instructional rigging guides and adhere to the recommendations provided by the Kenco team. A quick review of these rigging methods for lifting is listed below.

Safety Protocol

  1. Wear appropriate protective clothing and safety related equipment such as glasses, hardhat, protective shoes
  2. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry or hairstyles that could become entangled
  3. Keep hands and feet clear of the Kenco lifter when operation.
  4. Never stand or move under the lifter, with or without a load.
  5. Do not use the lifter for any other use than intended.
  6. Follow all inspection and maintenance criteria as laid out in the manual.

Connecting the Lifter

  1. It is highly recommended to use the approved Kenco Rigmax for connecting the lifter.
  2. Never direct connect the lifter to the machine/bucket lift eye.
  3. All rigging components must have a WLL that is equal to or greater than the combined weight of the intended load plus the lifter’s weight.

General Operation

  1. Never exceed the rated capacity of the lifter. Use as intended.
  2. Avoid jarring, swinging or otherwise unnecessary manipulation of the load.
  3. Avoid handling loads off center.
  4. Never use the lifter to pick multiples of items unless specifically intended and rated for that use.
  5. Do not drag loads.
  6. Do not allow load to contact any surface/object while being handled.


It is important to understand every tool or machine and its operation well before putting it to use. There are hundreds of videos on our YouTube page as well as instructional guides and materials available to the public on our website – If there is a question regarding proper operation, our team of specialists are always happy to help assist.



How to Handle the Labor Shortage

According to the Associated Builders and Contractors organization, there will be a demand of nearly half a million additional construction workers in 2023. With construction projects on the rise, project managers and supervisors are looking for ways how to handle the construction labor shortage and solutions that increase productivity and limit the need for additional workers. The good news is that Kenco has been providing solutions for this situation for over 30 years.

Tools that require no additional hydraulics means any lifting capable machine will work with a simple rigging setup (ex. Rigmax). Our lifting line does not hard connect like a bucket or thumb and that equivalates to very short lead times. We keep a solid supply on hand at with live inventory available at our online store 24/7. If not in stock, we can turnover our standard models in days, not weeks. And if you haven’t heard of us before, check out some of product reviews. Our customers come back again and again once they figure out the amount of savings a single lifter can accomplish.


Check a few of our most popular lifting attachments including the Barrier Lift, Pipe Lift, Pipe Hook and Multilift (shown below). We can move wall, block, slabs, pipe and so much more.

yellow hook for picking up concrete pipe

Warranty on Kenco Lifters

Kenco’s heavy equipment warranty information is as follows:

1. KENCO Corporation (KENCO) warrants the Kenco lifting device* (not including pads or consumable items) sold by KENCO to be free from proven defects in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the delivery date to the original customer.

2. Warranty is limited to replacement of parts and/or assemblies, which upon inspection by KENCO are deemed to be defective in material, workmanship, or both.

3. Warranty shall not extend to products that have been altered or repaired in any way without the express written consent of KENCO.

4. Warranty shall not extend to any product that has been misused, abused, or improperly applied or any defect resulting thereof.

5. Defects and corrosion that are the result of improper storage and/or maintenance are not  warrantable.

6. Wear items such as Pads, Pins or Lifting bails etc. are not considered for warranty claims.

B. Disclaimer

Contact 800-653-6069 with questions.

*includes Kenco Barrier Lift, Multilift, Rocklift, Pipe Hook, Pipe Lift, Monument Lift