“Why is this ‘Beast’ so important? Watch the “Graboid” in action on Gold Rush WHITE WATER!”

For an entire listing of all episodes, go to Discovery Channel.com.

“This things works great. The Graboid is picking up rocks we never thought it would grab. … That’s incredible!” 

“We are rebuilding a stone retaining wall that failed along the side of a New York state highway. This rock pick has made our job go so much quicker that I can’t imagine doing it without it! It has been an integral piece of equipment on our job.”

Triple Tine GraboidWe were repairing a road failure on NY-86 in Wilmington NY. This job was a 30 by 25 foot wall that needed to be repaired with heavy stone.”

Rocklift Moves Boulders in place for grout“The project’s scope was to excavate the existing dirt and rock levee that eroded away during Hurricane Lane and install 36″ boulders and grout them in place.  Roughly 10,000 cubic yard of concrete and boulders are to be installed.  Project is located in Hilo, Hawaii along the Wailuku River.”

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