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Kenco Monument Lifter offers the easiest way to lift and position cultured stone shapes. In cemetery or other applications where headstones and other heavy monuments are being constantly positioned, this device is not only a great time saver, but it saves on the manpower required of the grounds personnel.

Handling capabilities include both horizontal and vertical applications. It is designed to safely lift, move and place concrete, marble, granite and most other types of monuments. The Monument Lifter has a maximum lifting capacity of 1500 pounds. It works on any machine with the necessary rated lifting capacities to be encountered. It attaches via common rigging (such as our RigMAX) to an excavator, backhoe, truck crane, skid steer, or anything else that will provide the lifting ability.

The Monument Lifter grips automatically as it is lowered onto the monument, and it will not release the stone until it has been set down firmly into position. Elastomer pads ensure a tight grip, even on smoothest of surfaces.

The Monument Lifter has a 3 to 12 inch grip range and a 1500 lb capacity, weighing only 115 pounds.

Wear Items

  • Actuator, Small
  • (2) Elastomer Pads 6″ X  10″


TSL15C3T12115 pounds
52.163 kg
1500 pounds
680.388 kg
3 – 12 inches
7.62 – 30.48 cm