Compare Models Kenco Brush Grapple

The Brush Grapple attachment is an excellent tool that has been specifically designed for the most rugged duty in land clearing applications. The Kenco Brush Grapple is available in 3 over 4 tine, 4 over 5 tine, and other configurations. The number of tines will vary according to the size of the machine it is being used on.

MACHINE CLASSMACHINE WEIGHT (lbs)Height (inches)Width (inches)Tine Thickness (inches)Approx Weight (lbs)
CEX 80 Class11,000 to 18,00042″ 25″3/2″ 1400
EX120 Class
19,000 to 29,000 50″ 30″4/3″1800
EX150 Class
30,000 to 40,00058″ 36″5/4″2600
EX200/250 Class
41,000 to 59,00068″ 42″ 5/4″3200
EX300 Class
60,000 to 79,00074″ 48″5/4″4000
EX400 Class80,000 to 110,00080″55″5/4″5000

Brush Grapples are built to the contractor needs and specifications for the machine that it is to be fitted on. Call a Kenco representative for more info.