Bin Block Lift Reviews

Moving Heavy Block with Crane

We really like using our new bin block lifter. Safe, easy, and efficient way to move block in place to brace our column forms off to. Thanks for making a great product!

We finally got to use our lift and the guys love it, with multiple operators they all agree it’s the safe way to move the block.

Lock Block Installation Wall

“This attachment makes the work of moving lock blocks safer and more efficient. No more worrying about unsafe lift points or connecting and disconnecting rigging after every lift. Great product.”

The Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA) is a Lebanon County Authority (Pennsylvania) responsible for the proper management and disposal of Lebanon County’s solid waste and recyclable materials. The GLRA utilizes a series of 14 man-made ponds to treat landfill leachate prior to discharging to a creek that runs through the landfill. Leachate is the water collected from within the landfill that when collected, and requires treatment or pollution reduction prior to discharging it to a stream. Many of these treatment ponds are separated only by a weir structure that controls the water depth and flow from one pond to the next. These ponds have been in-place since the 1970’s and the original weir structures were no longer functional.

The GLRA received a permit by the PA Department of Environmental Protection to replace the existing aluminum weirs with concrete block. The 6’ long, 1,600 lb. blocks needed to be placed on the floor of a pond to complete the 125’ long weir. Using the Kenco 24″ block lifter on an excavator, we were able to place the blocks in a safe and efficient manner required for this project. We had to continuously pump the pond “dry” while working in the mud. Utilizing the Kenco block lifter, we were able to level and construct the weir structure in a timely manner as to not jeopardize the safety of our staff and the treatment process.

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