Replacing the PH3500 or PH9000 Pipe Hook Cylinder

Refer to Owner’s manual for an exploded view for a visual.

PH3500 Manual    |     PH9000 Manual


1. Remove Nose Cap(3) by cutting through the weld with a grinder mounted cut-off wheel, Plasma Cutter or Oxy-acetylene Torch. Be careful not to cut into the Pipe Hook Body(1) or ruin the Nose Cap(3). The Nose Cap(3) will be reused after Cylinder(6) replacement and is a Cylinder stop, so the cylinder doesn’t bottom out.

2. Remove Nylock Nuts(10) and slide Capscrews(9) out of Body(1). The Arm(2), Cylinder(6) and all associated components will now slide out of the Body(1).

3. Remove Capscrews(12) from Cylinder Base(8) and (13) from Outer Cylinder Cover(7). Remove Cylinder.

4. Clean and prepare all weld surfaces cut in step 1. Note size and type of welds before preparation. These will be referred to upon assembly.

Pipe Hook Cylinder Installation:

1. Install Cylinder(6) as shown into the Outer Cylinder Cover(7) with the rod end facing Lift Arm(2). Install the M8 x 1.25 capscrew(13) through the Cylinder Cover(7) and into the rod end of Cylinder(6) and torque to 20 ft.lbs.

2. Install Cylinder Base(8) onto the end of Cylinder(6) as shown with M8 x 1.25 capscrews(12) and torque to 20 ft.lbs.

3. Slide all the associated components back into Body(1) with holes in Cylinder Base(8) oriented so they will line up with holes in Body(1) and insert Capscrew(9) through them. Install Nylock Nut(10) and tighten to snug.

4. Insert Capscrew(9) through Body(1) and Arm(2). Install Nylock Nut(10) and tighten to snug.

5. Weld Nose Cap(3) in its original position, using the original size and type of weld. Use E7018 welding rod or wire equivalent. All welds are to be performed by a qualified individual.

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