Kenco Lifters Hoist Massive Rocks at Quarry

Rock Quarry Moving BouldersAs of 2016, there were 276 quarries across 34 states in operation. Although output has decreased over the years since, there still remains an enormous need for continued work processing rock, sand, and gravel for the construction industry.

The process involves both blasting and drilling in conjunction with one another to free block sections from the earth. Many times a solid block (of granite for instance) will result from this and require transporting onto the next stage for further processing. Kenco already manufactures a Multilift suitable for these blocks, more specifically the ML12K (dev 2019) which offers a 6 ton lifting capacity. The blocks can be safely moved and set aside with lifting tongs, and without the need for strapping.

A secondary result of blasting is ending up with large breakaway boulders. These massive pieces of stone are often irregular-shaped with no consistent sizing. Removing, loading and transporting of these pieces has been greatly improved by use of the Kenco Rocklift – most commonly the MG12000. Compare Rocklift models based on capacity.

This three tined mechanically-driven device is attached to a crane or excavator’s lifting eye and lowered into position over the boulder. As the tension is released from the rigging apparatus, the tines lock into the open position in preparation for its first pick. The operator then begins to raise the lifter; as it moves upwards, the tines close inward to securely grip the boulder. With a hefty capacity of 6 ton, each and every boulder is moved with ease and lifting rocks is safe.

These varying sizes of rip rap are often loaded onto a truck and sold for residential hardscape projects, erosion control, storm water management, Gabion Baskets and shore armor.

Contractors in this industry lift rocks and face these obstacles on a daily basis. Kenco strives to make the heavy lifting effortless by producing a variety of attachments to accomplish the task. No matter what the job entails, if lifting is required, Kenco has a solution.