Skid Steer & Backhoe Attachments


Kenco offers the Slab Crab attachment for your skid steer and backhoe machine. Significantly improve your productivity during concrete slab removal projects with this investment.

  • Move literally tons of concrete in minutes
  • Increase job productivity

Designed for removal of concrete slabs in driveways, sidewalks, pads, and more. The Kenco Slab Crab® will process slabs from 4″ to 8″ thick. Most sidewalk can be handled “as is”. Just slide the Slab Crab teeth under the slab, and lift slightly to break the bond.

Tilt it back to secure the slab, and place it directly on a waiting truck or stack it. The slabs come up so cleanly that many times the property owner or neighbors will request to keep the removed slabs. This can save contractors money in removal costs.

ModelWidth (inches)
Weight (lbs)
SkidSC (Skid Steer)
BHSC (Backhoe)
MiniSC (Mini Excavator)24600


Many of our Lifting products are available in models and sizes to move heavy or cumbersome objects that crop up in most projects. A simple shackle and sling rigging attached to the lifting eye will make these incredible Kenco lifters ready for the job.The specific model of lifter that can be used depends entirely on the capability of your machine.

Click on any of these to find out more about these Kenco attachments that can be used on your backhoe, skid steer, or any other type of machine with lifting capabilities:

BARRIER LIFT for handling concrete wall

CURB LIFTER and MONUMENT LIFTER provide the muscle in setting curbing, smooth faced granite, and more

MULTILIFT has adjustable grips to handle squared off block or pads up to 30 inches in width

PIPE HOOK works simply by sliding the hook fully into the pipe

PIPE LIFT sets down onto the pipe where it grips and doesn’t release until it is set into position

TRIPLE TINE uses three points of grip to safely pick up and move odd shaped objects – even debris

SUPERLIFT has removable tines that can be switched from log tines to pipe tines to barrier tines

Forget about back-breaking labor. The Kenco Multilift will lift that heavy block and stone while you’re sitting in the comfort of the cab. The grips slide individually to ensure an accurate fit. The lifter grabs on securely each time it is set down onto an object and won’t release until it has been set firmly into position.