Concrete Pulverizer Compare Models

Kenco’s Concrete Pulverizer makes those tough tasks easy. Reduction and separation capabilities will turn a large solid structure into rubble quickly and efficiently.

Designed for controlled demolition and recycling of concrete slabs, bridge decks, and more. The Pulverizer requires no additional hydraulics, but utilizes the excavator’s bucket cylinder to actuate the front jaw into a mechanical ‘chewing’ motion against the back jaw.

Separate rebar from concrete for re-use and recycle. The Concrete Pulverizer allows for clean material separation and reduce disposal costs.

This nearly indestructible attachment is easy to install and maintain. Replaceable weld-on teeth prolong the useful production life.

EX200/25048 inches4550 lbs50,000 – 65,000 lbs21 inches20 inches
EX30054 inches4750 lbs65,000 – 85,000 lbs26 inches24 inches
EX40060 inches5000 lbs86,000 – 110,00 lbs30 inches27 inches