Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Renovation Project 2013

DFW International Airport is undergoing a massive seven year – $900 million dollar terminal renovation project. One of the tasks is to connect the airport to downtown Dallas via the DART rail, which is a light rail system. The DART will run between Northbound Service Road and Northbound International Parkway, and under Taxiway Yankee and Taxiway Zulu at the North end of the airport. Due to the type of work that needs to be accomplished, multiple lane closures are needed in various phases throughout the project

Phillips May Corporation of Dallas, Texas assisted with the project. In June and July 2013, development included lane closures of the 3 lane Northbound Service Road . Thirty-foot concrete traffic barriers (CTB) were delivered to the site on flat bed semi trucks. Using two Gehl telescopic handlers that were each fitted with a Kenco KL 9000 Barrier Lift, the wall segments were removed in unison from the truck beds.

The Kenco Barrier Lifts made a light task of what could have been heavy work. The CTB was picked up and placed in desired location, while flaggers were able to maintain one clear traffic lane during the operation.

One concern that was encountered was how to place and align the CTB under the overpasses of the Taxiways. The low height considerations posed a possibility of the machine damaging the overhead structure. To add to the challenge, the roadway converges to only two lanes at these points, and the airport still required that one lane remain open for traffic.

Once again, the Kenco Barrier Lift resolved the situation. A KL 30000 was chosen to handle the wall capacity and it was attached to a Volvo 320 excavator. Tyson Proovost operated the Volvo, maneuvering it along the future rail path and setting the CTB into position without disrupting the traffic flow.

Hoy Construction Uses KL-9000NG

Hoy’s Construction of Waynesburg, PA was tasked with setting up 12’ concrete barricade walls to separate a newly constructed walkway that ran parallel to a vehicular driveway.

Back at the company yard, boom truck operator Tim Williamson used a remote control to maneuver a Kenco Barrier Lift onto the necessary wall structures. The lifter had also been fitted with alignment legs, which allowed Tim the ability to position the device onto the wall without assistance.

Tim loaded the wall onto his truck, transported them to the nearby job site, and then placed the barrier into its desired position. A ground guide assisted Tim with interlocking the nine walls together. The entire process to set 108 feet of concrete barrier took less than 3 hours.

C.H. & D Enterprises Uses Kenco KL-12000NG

CH & D Enterprises of New Stanton, PA was contracted to assist with a major paving project in southwestern PA in 2013. They used a Kenco KL12000NG barrier lifter to set concrete wall along a busy highway to provide a separation for the soon-to-be construction area.

The Kenco barrier lifter allowed the workers to remove the barriers from the bed of the trucks and then to set the wall into position, all without impeding the traffic flow.