Kenco Dozer Brush Rake Models

Kenco Dozer Brush Rakes are designed for Crawlers and Dozers in typical land clearing operations. They are used to pile brush and debris, leaving the soil and dirt behind, to permit clean burn and cleanup. The multi – tine design installs in place of the dozer blade on the C-frame and works like a rake by gathering loose roots, stumps, brush, etc. and allowing the soil and dirt to pass through it.

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  • T-100 (A-514) steel tines
  • Replaceable teeth tips
  • C-frame hook-up


  • Multi-tine design with a curved profile to promote brush collection
  • Replaces blade with C-frame hook-up design
  • Various widths to match machine size and application
  • Piles brush without retaining soil for clean brush pile burning
  • Increases machine utilization over manual labor

Dozer Brush Rake – Direct Attach Style

Dozer Moldboard Rake – Hook Attach Style