Kenco attachments are built to perform in the most extreme and rugged job environments. Normal wear items are readily available.

Elastomer Pads

Specifically designed for our lifting attachments, these exclusive urethene pads provide superior gripping power, plus prevent damage to objects being lifted.

Order pads according to lifter type as listed below. Pads are shipped two per set unless specified otherwise.

KL1500     (2) 6 X 10 inch pads

KL5000    (2) 4 X 20 inch pads

KL9000    (2) 6 X 24 inch pads      Older model KL9000 – (2) 4 X 20 inch pads

KL12000      (2) 6 X 36 inch pads     Older model KL12000 – (2) 4 X 36 inch pads

KL12000TLP    (2) 4 X 36 inch pads

KL30000       (2) 4 X 36 inch pads AND (2) 6 X 36 inch pads

KL40000       (4) 6 X 36 inch pads


Our unique actuator provides the mechanism that makes our automatic lifters work without the need of additional hydraulics. The receiver is included in purchase. The actuator is located inside the tube assembly of the Superlift and Triple Tine models.


To fit the Barrier Lift, Capstone Lifter, Multilift, or Pipe Lift:


To fit the Superlift:


To fit the Triple Tine:

Optional Alignment guides for the Barrier Lift

Alignment Legs for the Kenco Barrier Lift

The alignment legs are an optional purchase item for use with the Barrier Lift. It allows the operator to line up the lifter along the barrier wall without the need for ground assistance. The guides extend down from one set of the pad angles, permitting the unit to be lowered into position. They are available for models of 9000 pound capacity and larger. Call for info.

4 X 20$325
4 X 36 $425
6 X 36$475

Pad Angles for the Kenco Barrier Lift

For replacement on the Barrier Lift. Sold two per set. Elastomer pads not included.

4 X 20$325
4 X 36$435