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American Pride in Every Kenco Lifting Attachment

Every Kenco lifter that leaves our facility is tagged with a miniature American flag. And that’s not because we have to; it’s but because we want to. We want you to know that our lifters were born and raised right here in western Pennsylvania. From infancy to adulthood, each and every lifter had the privilege […]

Behind the Scenes Prep for ConExpo

One of our warehouses has been buzzing with some unusual noises this month. Although they sound much like teacher’s nails down a chalkboard, I couldn’t help from sneaking over the other day for a “look see.” It’s not nails, rather a hot knife and the chalkboard? Well, that would be styrofoam. (Don’t worry, we haven’t […]

Top 5 Funniest Names for the Actuator

Every once in awhile, we all need a little comic relief. I’m not here to poke fun at anyone because if the tables were turned, there would be plenty of reasons to laugh at myself! However, sometimes I find it really hard to contain a chuckle when I hear the names our customers have called […]

Patching Roadways with the Kenco Slab Crab

In a perfect world a roadway would never need repair. It would withstand all elements including mother nature and the wrath of daily vehicular slaughter. However, a short drive down nearly any interstate will prove this is simply not the case. Orange cones and construction sites are a common sight and rightfully so. To put […]